Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vacuum glass

There s two grass windows, and space between tham. In a winter air is pumpout from it, and it gets more isolating, more eficient. In hot days it get filled with gas, whitch sadow and make aral shadowing, not a spot like jalousi does.

And i case its watertight too it could be used.
With faling watech which makes nice light refracton when sunlight shine through it.

In a night it could be filed with some phosporic, neon liquid

Maybe small peaces could be filled with emulsion mix

In some small case plastic could be used insted glass, and the water could be freezed in it. It would be nice to see in the morning thick ice layer wchich is melting by morning sunlight.

But my brother advise me to find semconductive nematic twisted crystal foils for shading, and maybe it would be fine if if find something.

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