Thursday, August 28, 2008


Maara write that he have states of his extraordinariness, but it has nothing mess with mine state

There is a 4 different psychological types in human race. One who is strong, other can see. Most of people arn`t strong and can`t see. In other words some know what to do, other can do.

Those who is strong became a good people, but they don`t see where to use their power, and the became useles. Sometimes they became heroes, when no one expecting thay could do something big, and they doing it.
Imagine a fat guy who save a little girl from danger, something like this. This guy work in the office past 20 years, he didn`t knew that it is something upon this life. He can`t imagine this, he is blind – but strong.

Those who see mosty became egoists, they know how simple world is, they know how to make money, how to became rich, how to have everything in a world. They know what world realy need, but they are not strong enough to change apprehension of world given them by a nature, thay know what to do, but they never do it.
Imagine a high school student, he make a big money on the graphic, he is the best, but he`ll never go beyond what other need, what other expecting from him, because he is not strong enough. He always the best in his field, but not beyond it. This guy will never save a little girl from danger, because inside he just a normal human, scarles and life insatiable.

Most of people, 99% can`t see and they arn`t strong. These are normal humans, that live normal life, doing normal job, dying silently.

Those three types don`t do nothing woth world, they just keeping it how it is at the moment. Nothing change, everything is good, nowhere to go. Some don`t know where to go.

But there is a very little group of people who can see and strong to implement what they see. Those people are known, they are real celebrities, they give their lifes for a good of mankind. These people a pure idea, pure belief. They don`t need to be praised to do they`r life work, there like spirits, they don`t do things other people does. Everything they do is different, they are strong to be different.

There is a lot of people between normal people who look like they are diffent, but they are not, mostly these are inverse people, which do the inverse actions like a baby childs, you tell him to sit, and it will stand. They do not logical thing, without any intern logic. These are fakes.

The real ones is strong, and people who don`t see, who is searching very like tham because they give them a direction, a hope. Also could happen that people who see could abuse people who can, but mostly it is not happening, because only full humans wan`t to adress people, those who only see are not strong enough to break through natural psychological human defence.

Full humans move the humankind forward, other keep the stability of humankind. Full humans could do any work thay need to, thay could do everything, so they do most engaged work, moving people – these are like motors, other is body and wheels.

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