Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A saw a film right now


Oh, i saw it, i cant eaven imagine that something like this could exist. You know, a thought that world is more simplier.... and every thing is just mooving around me, scaling like in the movie.
And you know, i decided some thing.
1. I would never tell people what to do to be happe - because i saw this, you know i didnt know that somethink like this does exist. Such open theory. Earlier a read only those "time virify" teories, of budhismus - and i saw Czech SUCKS, know why? Because i thought that im alone, FUCK i m not, there lot ov us, but not in Czech. You know i was like an drawer on the theoritical school, no one interested. Like Nikkarin saw " I didnt have any art school , oh ,im small, leave me alone". A was alone, and all i saw was in films, but now i dont feel like this, very good film.
2. I will try to recognise that im in dreams.
3. I wound scream those "FOR FREE, FOR HAPPINES" super idiotic theories.
4. And some other thing, that wasnt very mean for me, know has it own very rate. Like i recognised that ( during wathing the movie ) that most thing i do like is when i go by tram, somewhere, or when i going in the night on the empty road.
You know, in the film is always something happen, action, action. In my dream too... so, deductionaly the true life is when you going on the road... road after rain, little bit cold, and nothing happen. Its immposible to happen to you in the dream, dream is spectatous, wet road is not. Having sex, have a house, write theory, is like a dream. But walking and nothing happen is realy great... maybe tomorow i will change the my opinion of world no? no
5. During all the film I wait for the moment when they will have sex... but no, deam.

This teoris that does have sense, just like Classic art. Those that doesnt just like a modern art. So what? Ee. Need people, need friends. Freinds? Who the friendsss?

Oh, and i wont also try... no, i will animate, and would do it better.
Super film. A thought that i wil watch it again, and listen to all monologs again, but it so wierd in the ending so i cant.


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