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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vacuum glass

There s two grass windows, and space between tham. In a winter air is pumpout from it, and it gets more isolating, more eficient. In hot days it get filled with gas, whitch sadow and make aral shadowing, not a spot like jalousi does.

And i case its watertight too it could be used.
With faling watech which makes nice light refracton when sunlight shine through it.

In a night it could be filed with some phosporic, neon liquid

Maybe small peaces could be filled with emulsion mix

In some small case plastic could be used insted glass, and the water could be freezed in it. It would be nice to see in the morning thick ice layer wchich is melting by morning sunlight.

But my brother advise me to find semconductive nematic twisted crystal foils for shading, and maybe it would be fine if if find something.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love dubail....sheikhs

Hello. I saw your presentation, and I had an idea, that solar a wind energy could be taken more profitable.

I put it in to image.
You have this cover on the wind turbines, that would stop the wind from the other side, so the wind turbine will turn - but i think that there will be air pressure inside this turbine cover that will slow down the turbine. I suggest you to test an idea where the turbine blades is rotating on its on axis, when catch the wind blades are vertical, when blades rotating against the wind blades turn horizontaly.

Blades could also have a plane wing shape, and if the wing will be placed near the botom plane it would make some air pressure.. i not sure if the wing shape will be important, you could try.

Aslo solar panel will be much more eficient if they will be turned up too sky, and wont be turned vertical. But it may influence a design of the biuilding. I think it will be better if you put those solar panels on the biulding next to yours, than to put it on tha building that - non efficient way.

Have a nice Day.


Maara write that he have states of his extraordinariness, but it has nothing mess with mine state

There is a 4 different psychological types in human race. One who is strong, other can see. Most of people arn`t strong and can`t see. In other words some know what to do, other can do.

Those who is strong became a good people, but they don`t see where to use their power, and the became useles. Sometimes they became heroes, when no one expecting thay could do something big, and they doing it.
Imagine a fat guy who save a little girl from danger, something like this. This guy work in the office past 20 years, he didn`t knew that it is something upon this life. He can`t imagine this, he is blind – but strong.

Those who see mosty became egoists, they know how simple world is, they know how to make money, how to became rich, how to have everything in a world. They know what world realy need, but they are not strong enough to change apprehension of world given them by a nature, thay know what to do, but they never do it.
Imagine a high school student, he make a big money on the graphic, he is the best, but he`ll never go beyond what other need, what other expecting from him, because he is not strong enough. He always the best in his field, but not beyond it. This guy will never save a little girl from danger, because inside he just a normal human, scarles and life insatiable.

Most of people, 99% can`t see and they arn`t strong. These are normal humans, that live normal life, doing normal job, dying silently.

Those three types don`t do nothing woth world, they just keeping it how it is at the moment. Nothing change, everything is good, nowhere to go. Some don`t know where to go.

But there is a very little group of people who can see and strong to implement what they see. Those people are known, they are real celebrities, they give their lifes for a good of mankind. These people a pure idea, pure belief. They don`t need to be praised to do they`r life work, there like spirits, they don`t do things other people does. Everything they do is different, they are strong to be different.

There is a lot of people between normal people who look like they are diffent, but they are not, mostly these are inverse people, which do the inverse actions like a baby childs, you tell him to sit, and it will stand. They do not logical thing, without any intern logic. These are fakes.

The real ones is strong, and people who don`t see, who is searching very like tham because they give them a direction, a hope. Also could happen that people who see could abuse people who can, but mostly it is not happening, because only full humans wan`t to adress people, those who only see are not strong enough to break through natural psychological human defence.

Full humans move the humankind forward, other keep the stability of humankind. Full humans could do any work thay need to, thay could do everything, so they do most engaged work, moving people – these are like motors, other is body and wheels.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A saw a film right now


Oh, i saw it, i cant eaven imagine that something like this could exist. You know, a thought that world is more simplier.... and every thing is just mooving around me, scaling like in the movie.
And you know, i decided some thing.
1. I would never tell people what to do to be happe - because i saw this, you know i didnt know that somethink like this does exist. Such open theory. Earlier a read only those "time virify" teories, of budhismus - and i saw Czech SUCKS, know why? Because i thought that im alone, FUCK i m not, there lot ov us, but not in Czech. You know i was like an drawer on the theoritical school, no one interested. Like Nikkarin saw " I didnt have any art school , oh ,im small, leave me alone". A was alone, and all i saw was in films, but now i dont feel like this, very good film.
2. I will try to recognise that im in dreams.
3. I wound scream those "FOR FREE, FOR HAPPINES" super idiotic theories.
4. And some other thing, that wasnt very mean for me, know has it own very rate. Like i recognised that ( during wathing the movie ) that most thing i do like is when i go by tram, somewhere, or when i going in the night on the empty road.
You know, in the film is always something happen, action, action. In my dream too... so, deductionaly the true life is when you going on the road... road after rain, little bit cold, and nothing happen. Its immposible to happen to you in the dream, dream is spectatous, wet road is not. Having sex, have a house, write theory, is like a dream. But walking and nothing happen is realy great... maybe tomorow i will change the my opinion of world no? no
5. During all the film I wait for the moment when they will have sex... but no, deam.

This teoris that does have sense, just like Classic art. Those that doesnt just like a modern art. So what? Ee. Need people, need friends. Freinds? Who the friendsss?

Oh, and i wont also try... no, i will animate, and would do it better.
Super film. A thought that i wil watch it again, and listen to all monologs again, but it so wierd in the ending so i cant.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Space invador ( two little green eyes in a top of the image ) Solaris. Sci-fi

And Frognfly abreactin on Picsas

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dead bus

I was looking for a fotos of buses, and i found this. Bus after fire, I analized it, and take note that all metal parts is covered by corosion... why? I start to serach.

The reason is, that for corosion of metal you need CO2, heat, water, from fire exhauster which contain some "polar" elements (alkohols and other strange fluids)
All this offers fire!

Surprisingly for perfect coroded metal you don´t need to wait years, you could make it in a few hours! You know, like a time machine :)

Up date?

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Half punk

When punks get old, gets baldin

Saturday, August 16, 2008



and also it could be made from carbon fibers! and has clipses or something to bite it in to bag or something.


Wet buildings

Sunday, August 10, 2008

3rd nail

Don`t know why, but often I go by transport, and thinking about something, and trying to visualise how other nails would look on my linger. You know, i metter it by finger on other hand, i devide my finger in a 3 same parts, draw by finger on my finger. Ok.

Black building in antarctica

I had an idea, and i said oh boy, what cool it is. To put black, sunheat absorbing material on roof, and than cover the roof by a plastic layer, so the heat that come up from hot black surface won`t blow away. But, than i rememeberd tha Foster used inverse principe to cool the building, but it was better because he used air flow in the capsule, air is circulating.

Nevermind than, ill came up with something more inovating.

Aqua tower

First time i saw a aqua tower, i said wow ,cool.

But when i saw how it looks for real...

Problem is, that architects does a good visualisation, with all the efects, but they didn`t make it real. I dont say that this is bad to do a great visualisation, a say that its bad to be lazy to make it real, everything could be real.
I think, that the main problem on it, its that those aqua planes are white - on white surfaces are more light gradations, its good for sculptures to show depth and realief. But in this case, when its a flat surfaces its better to make it black, to hide plastic on it. Black color would make it flat, and eye wouldnt discern it like a sheet, but like a black something - and in that way plastic would be more vizible, than in a white variety. English... 2008-09-24 weekly 0.8