Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aqua tower

First time i saw a aqua tower, i said wow ,cool.

But when i saw how it looks for real...

Problem is, that architects does a good visualisation, with all the efects, but they didn`t make it real. I dont say that this is bad to do a great visualisation, a say that its bad to be lazy to make it real, everything could be real.
I think, that the main problem on it, its that those aqua planes are white - on white surfaces are more light gradations, its good for sculptures to show depth and realief. But in this case, when its a flat surfaces its better to make it black, to hide plastic on it. Black color would make it flat, and eye wouldnt discern it like a sheet, but like a black something - and in that way plastic would be more vizible, than in a white variety. English...

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