Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love dubail....sheikhs

Hello. I saw your presentation, and I had an idea, that solar a wind energy could be taken more profitable.

I put it in to image.
You have this cover on the wind turbines, that would stop the wind from the other side, so the wind turbine will turn - but i think that there will be air pressure inside this turbine cover that will slow down the turbine. I suggest you to test an idea where the turbine blades is rotating on its on axis, when catch the wind blades are vertical, when blades rotating against the wind blades turn horizontaly.

Blades could also have a plane wing shape, and if the wing will be placed near the botom plane it would make some air pressure.. i not sure if the wing shape will be important, you could try.

Aslo solar panel will be much more eficient if they will be turned up too sky, and wont be turned vertical. But it may influence a design of the biuilding. I think it will be better if you put those solar panels on the biulding next to yours, than to put it on tha building that - non efficient way.

Have a nice Day.

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