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Chair set. Idea is about that... there is a lot of space in restaurants that is unused when the table with chairs is not engaged. In that way you have a lot of space, when there is no much visitors. Think it looks like Frank Ghery chair, mayby it was his idea, who knows...

Pavlina Redesign


diggi diggi bop

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It is my theory of superhumantiy versus reality. Things that are not real, are cool. Means that we like to follow to unreal aims. When you ask everybody - Why do you live? he will answer -For happy living. -For kids. and no one will answer For money, but when i see, how does people do their job, how they scare about make some different thing, some diversity, i think that that a lie, mass lie of humanity about reason of existence. Everybody was teached, that answer for money, for myself - is bad, so people never say it, only do it.

Onece, on the last school party ive set ahead tree, and i imagine how it will be cool, if i bash the tree and it will fell down with all that noise. Than i think, why if i crop down tree with a fist is cool, but with a power saw its not cool.

When you like Jackie Chan Bruce Lee beat all bad guys and knockout all their teeth, it make you cool, but if youll do it normaly, arguing, it wont

Scater is cool, when heis rollover and do smooth moves, but gymnast is not.

To fly like a superman "Ah, i want to fly like he. Ill see all the world and will save people" guy that never leave his home. He ectualy could fly on something other, but better for him is to live in inaccessible dream, to apologise doing nothing.

Actualy Superheroing killed a lot of people, on this picture a Superman gives a drugs to a litle girl. This mania of superhuman in not right but imagine way makes people wear black dress, get style, smoke because its cool, drink alcohol because it cool, be like everyone.
And the worth is to live for aim collecting thing. Most people is happy they won`t have all the thing they want, so never reach the aim, thay stay happy till end. But those witch will reach it, are real poor people.

So many not logical thing in world, bad thing that thay are steretypes and everybody do the same. Superman that gives a drug, is a reflection of weak people dreams, that have to proof thiersefs a power. Superman is made from weak. Superman on TV is nt hurt our child, he is only reflection of our intern.

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Crash borders. Effective thing, save many lives, but i`ve found a little defect in it. Its an inroad on the rail borders, in some cases it could evoke overturn of car, unwillingly it could serve as drive up ramp.
My simple solution is to curve the railway border toward away from road. So car will bump to it, and jump away from it, but not turn over.

dont like wherever appearing modern style deers. they are everywhere and everyone is creating them.

Walking robot with loudspeakers, powerd by solar and wind energy, conected to a musician with a two hand guitar. Thing for parades and marchings.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flower pot

Intend why all flower pots must be flat, and round. For the plants it the same if thay are grow on uneaven ground. And another idea why should i water the plant, when it is simple to automatize it.

Not best idea of irrigation, better would be if ill put water tubes upon grass, and thez would drip water on grass, it would be more natural than tubes under flower pot. And those tube upon it could look like some sculpture.
There could be placed some sensors of tepididy in to the ground for perfect soil condition. 2008-09-24 weekly 0.8