Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot robot

Idea. 1st-3rd person shooterf
Robots would get hot after they shooting with their turrets. And it would be a strong graphic style of the game.
During firing guns everything around gets in flames ( nature ).
This robot is jumping - effects like sonic barier breaking, air turbulence like in fly simulators.
Idea is to put all stuff that looks powerfull together. Hot steel is not like fire demons - it would be like real - heat distribution could be rendered as light in game.
Most of gameplay operations could be durring night.
Would be nice to see army of the robots heating everything around, maybe one mission could be on some metal spaceship - when "hot" robots would run over it - would left hot footprints on it.
Some missions in water - when water would vapour


Jan said...

pis cesky vole, vubec to nechapu!

TEApod said...

Ha ha :D 2008-09-24 weekly 0.8