Thursday, September 4, 2008

Opacy windows, smart windows, electrochromic glass.

Very interesting, theres a three different types of it. Mostly thay talking about films... so silmple, but the truth is that all electical opacity changing materials are liquids, and very hardly usefull in something different than glass.

Also there is a lot of wrong information above internet. One of it, that there is no black opacity glass, it hasnt been invented, but in everywhere is a flash animation with supa cool black shading on the windows.

Also there s a lot of companies, that offer Smart windows, telling about millions, about economic, about rising, everything looks fine... but there is no bigger realisation of smart windows.

Also cost of LC, EC is nowhere to find, but in case its a huge LCD monitor, just little bit simplier. In case we could play a video games on the smart windows... this silly to use such high tech technology to shade a window. Everyone call it "green" but the total cost of it, cost of instaling is such big that it couldnt be green in anyway.

There is no way ( today ) how to do electrochromic glass switching black/transparent, only proposition is milky translucent white/transparent. But in my opinion it is look pretty ugly.

So. The super strong, sun resistant, color nematic foil, whitch could be simply aplicated - doesnt exists

Tricky advert show us how everithing is simple and geniuos.

But its not.

From now i dont believ any simple word that someone told me. I need aproovment. most of articles on Wikipedia are poor and mazy, all the comercial sites information are totaly junk.

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