Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Flower thinking. Bouquet is a beatiful thing, but not practical.
When you give one to lady, she had to keep it, and carry it everywhere, she eaven couldn`t put it in to the bag, couse crumple it. Its ok when you give a bouquet when lady is at home, or somewhere nearbly, but if you give her a flowers somewhere far, she had to carry then, and she couldn`t use one hand.
Other reason of this idea, is that the bouquet enhance an interer, not a woman. you buy flowers for woman, not for her home.

Flower bouquets that fix on body, using some recyclyble belt, so you could waste it. Some designer in flower shop would make this bouquet, emerge from the suit of lady, her eyes color, her height so designer will use different belts.

Flowers could be placed in many places, using some clips or something else.

In this way victim of you present won`t have any difficulties, and would look very good.

This is a transparent plastic dress. Some not very hard plastic, some that you could sit on and it won`t crack. Whole psatic dress is drilled with holes, it would give ventilation. The dress is transparent, that mean that you have to put clothes under, some normal clothes. Glosy of the material and reflexions.

And also you could put a flower in every whole. You will need a small garden for it, but than you`ll look otrageous.


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